With Google's decision to extend its Privacy Sandbox timeline to 2025, the dawn of a cookieless era has been delayed once again - but it's still coming our way.

The pending cookie phase-out marks a significant turning point in the digital advertising industry, with many businesses rightly concerned about the expected impact across attribution, cross-platform measurement, audience targeting, and optimisation capabilities. But what can you do to safeguard your campaign performance?

Here at KINESSO, we have the answer.

We’ve launched the Emerging Tech Assessment (ETA) to help brands ensure their media spend is as effective as possible. ETA delivers a unified methodology to gauge campaign effectiveness in the post third-cookie world. It organises digital media investments into high, medium, and low risk tiers, while offering qualitative insights into a brand's readiness of their technological infrastructure.

These strategic insights then enable us to help businesses adopt next-generation strategies and improvements to their preparedness for performance continuity during the phase out - which is already happening across many browsers that already block third-party cookies by default. This innovative approach not only addresses the imminent challenges posed by the cookie phase-out but also fosters adaptability and preparedness for the evolving advertising landscape.

KINESSO’s ETA is by far the most comprehensive service of its kind and hands down outshines competitor offerings through pioneering features that provide empowering and actionable insights, including evaluating digital spend holistically across channels. ETA has been specifically designed to assess and mitigate potential performance risks based on a thorough evaluation, a critical step missing from most in-market solutions.

"Our clients rely on us to navigate the complexities of digital marketing, and the demise of third-party cookies presents a significant challenge" said Chris Schimkat, Global Head of Analytics at KINESSO. “The Emerging Tech Assessment is our proactive solution to safeguard client investments, maintain campaign effectiveness, and leverage our strategic partnerships."

The time for action is now! Empower your brand with KINESSO’s ETA and elevate your digital game today.

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