Search is in our agency DNA. From being crowned the Drum’s Search Agency of the Year in 2022 and winning scores of industry awards for our team’s search expertise, we’re at the forefront of market innovations and trusted partners for our clients.

So, for another consecutive year, it was only natural that we would be both sponsoring and speaking at the UK’s biggest search event, BrightonSEO.

This year, we're presenting a new methodology to help brands understand how their audiences search across multiple platforms in their specific categories.

Consumers now have much more choice and many more touch-points when seeking information on the internet. While Google remains the leader in online search, boasting an impressive two trillion individual searches per year worldwide, new contenders are emerging from the ranks of social and commercial platforms.

These up-and-coming players have been steadily accruing search queries, with a massive 65% of the global population using social media platforms for search, and an additional 50% of online shoppers going direct to online retailers, such as Amazon.

As a result, the search landscape has become increasingly fragmented, presenting brands with a complex ecosystem to navigate.

For advertisers looking to sustain business growth, it's imperative to not only understand how consumers search online now, but also to develop integrated strategies that complement these behaviours and capitalise on engagement opportunities throughout the purchase journey.

And today, KINESSO UK&I’s Strategy Director, Emilie Cavaillero and Senior SEO Account Director, Ilaria Fabbri took to the stage at BrightonSEO to deliver an overview of these changes and share key takeaways for brands looking to stay on top of their search game.

Search is the important first step of any online campaign, and we’re making our Changing Face of Search presentation open and available to anyone.

If you want to know more about how your audiences searches across all platforms, please fill out the form below and a member of a team will be in touch.